Color your day a calming green

c4e9d4a2d271bbc6f67458f314c6e2dcThe color green symbolizes harmony and balance. It unifies our mental, emotional and physical energies and allows us to see the day with clarity and peace. As the color of the heart chakra, a green environment feels nurturing and welcoming. A deep, rich green signifies abundance and well being on an emotional as well as material level. So adding a few splashes of deep green to your decor can establish a sense of restorative calm, as well as a sense of creative abundance within your home. Small little touches of green decor are all that are needed to introduce a sense of clarity and balance today. So spruce up your decor with some green apples, green beach glass or a splash of green china for your morning tea.

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Your love for deep green

If you love to surround yourself with a deep emerald green, you are a practical, down to earth person with a strive for balance and harmony in your life. However, you also communicate your deepest wish of seeking acceptance and acknowledgment by displaying green hues in your home.



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