Color your day with a fresh breath of mint

b6787ba2885b3c3f9df6362d7d84bd42Light green is the color of new growth, fresh starts and simple, clean beginnings. Within a soft green environment, your mind refreshes itself, harmonizes your energy and allows you to view life with a fresh and new perspective.  Adding soft green touches to your home evokes the feeling of harmony, balance and it nourishes and restores depleted energy. So if you are feeling worn out and stuck, add some fresh flowers nestled in soft green glass bottles to your dining table, revitalize tired linens with a fun, green coverlet or give an old piece of wood furniture new life with a soothing coat of green. Visitors will feel a sense of peace, nurture and calm vitality upon entering your home.

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Your love for light green

If you love to surround yourself with the color green, you are drawn to kindness, compassion and generosity. You are a person that loves to nurture and care for others, however you also communicate your deepest wish of seeking acceptance and acknowledgement by displaying green hues in your home.



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