Color your day with a soft and breezy blue

14caa98eab585c855a46f4f3f00ab7e2The cool, calm mood of a light, gentle blue connects you with the far reaching , expansive world of  infinite possibilities. Within a breezy, blue environment your minds seeks and searches for creative solutions to expand your knowledge and calm the soul. When you lay on your back in the soft,warm sand, gazing up in to the vastness of a balmy,blue sky filled with breezy white clouds, your thoughts will break free and explore to the beyond. So add some pretty soft blue decor to your home to invoke images of gentle rays of the sun, a warm summer breeze and a calming blue horizon that instantly soothe, heal and relax the mind. Fun, fresh beach decor, light- blue pillows paired with crisp, white linens, sky blue dishes or spirited surf art can transform your space into an oasis of calm and a place to breathe free.

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Your love for soft, breezy blue

If you love to surround yourself with the soft color blue, you display inner security and confidence and you enjoy a free- roaming mind.  By looking beyond borders past the vast reaching blue horizon, you seek knowledge and understanding, grasping transcendent thoughts with your creative mind. By embracing this color blue, your deepest wish is to innately understand and gather knowledge so you can teach it onto others.

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