Color your day with a deep sky blue

color circlesConservative, reliable and creating a sense of trust are the characteristics that are associated with the deep color blue. Blue is a universally liked color because it invokes a sense of deep calm, knowing and confidence within our minds. Especially in business, deep hues of blue convey authority and the ability to speak once truth with strength and conviction. A dark blue interior can feel serious and responsible, and almost rigid, but by combining it with warm oranges or a crisp white, it looses its severity and becomes playful and creative. Tradition is exemplified in the blue-white patterns of the sponge ware or the Staffordshire dishes. Adding blue to your decor gives your room the feeling of deep peace, longing, searching and a sense of familiar calm. The surroundings can convey the message of responsibility and strictness, unless you add playful touches of green, orange or white. Find your inner truth today by adding a touch of deep, sky blue to your world.

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Your love for deep blue

If you love to surround yourself with the deep color blue, you convey a sense of confidence and stability. Your deepest desire is to have peace and tranquility in your days and you strive to live in accordance with your own ideals. You exude a sense of familiarity, tradition and authority, and your need for knowledge, solving mysteries and finding the deep seated inner truth are driven by your love of the deep blue hues.


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