5 tips to create an exquisitely creative thanksgiving table on a stunningly low budget

5 tips to create an exquisitely creative thanksgiving table on a stunningly low budget

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the festive and social holiday season. Holiday parties, family feasts and social gatherings tumble upon each other and we begin the breathless dance of dazzling and sparkling with elegant attire and stunning décor. Especially, the thanksgiving feast requires not only many hours of cooking in the kitchen, but also we have grown accustomed to presenting the table in a beautiful light, so friends and family can have a wonderful warm, pleasant and beautiful experience to start the season. Usually, the preparing of the feast already puts a strain on the budget; so thankfully, here are some options on creating a dazzling and splendid table without breaking the bank. In fact, I always have the goal to spend less then $20 on my decorations, and here is how I accomplish the look of my table year after year.


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1. Creative and sparkly décor from the 99 cents store


The 99 cents store becomes my best friend when it is time to buy decorative gems, sparkles and creative décor. I just browse the aisles and keep my eyes open for fun and different items as in glittery birds, or clip-on butterflies and colored gems or beads. After that, nature becomes my second best friend. On my walks and hikes, I look around with the eyes of the scavenger and pick up interesting rocks, shells and branches that can enhance my table.


2. Branches and flowers from the woods and garden


I never spent a lot of money on my flowers. Instead, I, again, walk in the woods or scour the parks for trees and shrubs that offer interestingly twisted branches, multi colored leaves and fun shaped cones or berries. You will be surprised at nature’s abundance and variety when it comes to branches and twigs. Then, I take a look in the garden and see what flowers are still in bloom. This year I was lucky and found a ravishing red, gold shrub of marigolds. I used them for my main blossom I buy two extra bouquets of complimenting color at the local farmers market. I feel that I was very lucky again this year, as I found these amazing orange tulips.


3. Glassware and vases from the local thrift store or garage sales


It may take some time to collect a large assortment of vases, crystal glasses and containers for your flowers and arrangements, but it is never too late to start. Check your local paper for a garage sale or head over to the thrift store and find a few interesting pieces to display the flowers. I have been collecting my inventory for years, but I always keep my eye open for creative containers. Mason jars make excellent vases and candle holders, so I always wash out my empty jelly jars and keep them for future use.

Here are some of the finished center pieces


4. Candles from the 99 cents store


Candles are a great way to enhance the mood for every table. Here again, I head over to the 99 cents store, as they have cheap candles that will be sufficient to use for the night. You can also find fun glasses, jars and bowls in the kitchen aisle. Variety is the key and I use glasses and jars as candle holders for my table, as they reflect the light in an interesting and unique way. I often combine the candles with some of the sparkling gems for a wonderful dazzle and sparkle.


5. Set the table with flair and fun


I love an eclectic and fun table. I mix and match my dishes, my glassware and my silverware. It adds a dynamic and an individual style to the setting and it takes the pressure of having to have a matching dish set for 15 to 20 people. Here again, I scour thrift stores and garage sales for a few fun items at the time, and by and by, I have an eclectic assortment of colorful and elegant china. I love that my table settings reflects the notion that every visitor has a unique style and personality.

One of my favorite way to add a creative flair and conversation piece to the décor is by dispersing pieces of art on the tables and food stations. Fun flower oils, peaceful landscapes or expressive faces can stimulate a conversation and inspire creative ideas.


Now it is time to arrange all your goodies together. I allow my creative spirit to flow and combine items as I go. I delight in the fact that I spent less then 20 dollars for my table that looks like a million bucks.


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