Color your day with a kiss of red

redMotivating, energizing and empowering, the color red awakens your passion for life and it rouses the instinct to move. It leaves nothing behind, it stands out in every space and it grabs the center of attention where ever it is introduced within the room. Red is the color of passion, vitality and activity. It radiates positive energy, optimism and ambition. If you add red to your decor, you mean business. You are there to be noticed, to be understood and you aim to inspire everybody to move right along with you. Red is the color of the leader, the strong opinion and powerful positive energy. Be aware that red is also the universal color for warning and danger, so to much of this vibrant ruby color can frighten and agitate people who come into contact with it. So the color red is best applied sparingly and thoughtfully so its effect remains positive and energizing. As the color for passion and love, it is fun to add it to the bedroom, but be advised that too much red can cause anger, aggression and conflict. A restaurant or dining room, or even a kitchen are great spacesĀ  to introduce a brick red color or splash of an orangy-red hue as it increases the appetite. It awakens all the senses to new vitality and energy. The fire engine red is a popular color for the front door, as it invites luck and abundance, happiness and opportunity, or just a simple cheery welcome to all visitors. During the holidays, the pop of red berries or shiny ornaments present a wonderful contrast to the evergreen branches of the season.

So be ready to be noticed, empowered and activated by the kiss of the color red.

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Your love for red


If you responding to the color red, then you are a born leader, full of power and energy to get things done. You exude optimism, vitality and courage. People will look at you for guidance, and motivation. You are passionate about what you do and you walk your path with confidence and determination.



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