California Craftsman outdoor experience

Blending with ease

Blending with ease

Even though the home is located at the corner of a busy street and an active alley, the new lower patio  and upper deck addition of this simple California Ranch style house offers a calming retreat from the bustle around. The owner had long envisioned an upper deck with a jacuzzi for his home and the final result evolved into more then imagined.


Owner : Douglas McLellan

Designer: Stefani Conniff

Contractor Matt Campbell construction






The structure transitions effortlessly from the facade of the home into its own space and complements the earthy feel of the existing colors and surroundings. Large natural blue stone plates arranged in a random pattern provide a solid floor for the patio below. Even though the upper deck fully covers the space, the sun finds her way into the room and creates a pleasant, and by now everybody’s favorite space to sit and enjoy the day. The sturdy pillars are covered with mountain stone ledgers, providing a contrast to the white columns that are holding up the deck above. Small details like the two inch blue stone that is used for the stair treads,  the column caps and the bench seat provide an elegant and creative flair to the addition. Underneath, the warm stained T&G  ceiling outlined by the crisp white crown moldings and beams integrates the old with the new flawlessly.



The deck above provides a beautiful retreat that is surrounded by an intricate, custom designed wrought iron railing. Tugged behind the scrolls sits the jacuzzi outfitted with its many jets and comfortable seats. The commercial tile reads more like a soft limestone, yet it affords maximum slip resistance and durability. A small seating area, along with a large umbrella on a swivel completes the pleasing use of the space.



Overall, the new addition has added the wonderful opportunity to spend time outside and enjoy the warm sunshine and the pleasant surroundings in a healing way. The entire family now congregates often to sit together for a cup of coffee or a chat.

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