Color your day a rosy pink

65886c23d2361aaca3c97d6eadb2375cGentle, loving, soft and feminine, the color pink invites you to see the world trough rose colored glasses. Forever the optimist, the giver of joy and happiness,  soft pink just adorns your surroundings with a rosy cloud of comfort and peace. Pink represents unconditional love, nurturing and compassion and therefore it is often associated with the feminine energy. It has a calming effect on the mind and a happy effect on the soul. However, to much pink in a room may speak of  naivete and lack of the power to make your own decisions, as it may be associated with the energy of little girls. The happy pleasures of pink have ample opportunities to be introduced to your home. As the color that brings out the nurturing side of giving and receiving, it has a lot of ways to snuggle into the bedroom decor, or soften the feel of a living room into a loving, kind and generous space. Certainly, where ever you introduce pink to the room, be it by adding pillows, or glassware or blankets, you instantly create a place that feels friendly, approachable, comforting and safe. A pink door invites, a pink chair nurtures, a pink blanket comforts and a pink walls calms the senses. If you dare to bring out your femme fatale, add a touch of dusty rose hue to your environment, as this color represents the mature, intuitive female energy. No matter how you spread out the delicious color pink within your space, it will attract the positive vibrations of happy and joy.


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Your love of pink

If pink shows up as your favorite color today, you are trying to get in touch with your nurturing side. You embrace everybody with warmth and unconditional acceptance, but you may also want to include yourself into your warm and comforting embrace.


friendly and inviting

friendly and inviting


Pink in your business day

In business, the color pink is often used to indulge the female soul, as it guides the nurturing and intuitive side of the mind. If you need to create a space that speaks of gentle and kind hope, comfort, unconditional love and acceptance, then do add pink to your business decor. A soft, rose colored couch, a blush wall or pretty pink pillows will delight your visitors and create comfort for people around you.



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