Color your day with a radiant orchid

pinned from passingthroughtime.tumblr.comUplifting, radiant and spontaneous, the color orchid elevates your entire being into a higher level of spiritual harmony and personal balance. It combines the passion of red with the intuitive violet into its own brand of motivated, healing energy that elevates you above the everyday challenges and helps you gain a greater awareness and emotional stability. On its push to move you forward with your goals, it releases old patterns and allows the mind to embrace new, creative and intuitive solutions. Magenta exudes optimism, cheerful energy, kindness, laughter and buoyancy. If surrounded by this happy, spontaneous and energizing color, you cannot help but feel uplifted and electrified by its unyielding optimism. Radiant orchid allows your creativity to soar and your spirit to roam free and unencumbered while you are turning your ambitions into reality. Surprisingly practical in its approach, magenta will guide you with rational and yet creative thought throughout the day. Decorating with magenta speaks of the “joy de vivre”. Pillows on your couch, a quilt on your bed or a chair all wrapped in the radiant orchid hue will inspire optimism, happiness and joy. Walls of magenta invite to create with free thoughts and spontaneous solutions. Brightly colored furniture pieces inspire action towards harmony and evoke a sense of self-respect and contentment. Overall, the color magenta invites the fun, the free spirit, the happy thoughts and a little bit of spontaneous and wild energy to your decor.

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Your love of radiant orchid

If your soul sings at the sight of the color magenta, you are expressing a need for emotional and physical harmony and balance. You are creative, imaginative, innovative and care free in your approach on life and wild optimism radiates around you.



Magenta in your business day

In business, magenta can be used to evoke the sense of inspired optimism and it allows the room for creative problem solving. An environment with one wall painted magenta or a bright colored orchid rug can motivate to address challenges with innovative solutions. Free thinking and “out-of-the box ” theories in clarifying a task are encouraged. Overall, magenta in your business environment speaks of optimism, harmony, balance and a spontaneous approach to your business.


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