Transitional Mediterranean with an elegant touch

understated elegance

understated elegance

This home, located in close proximity to the beach, embodies the feel of the warm sunshine, the cool aqua water and the invitation to cross over the indoor/outdoor boundaries with ease and grace. The Mediterranean inspired facade combines the traditional colors with a contemporary touch, lending the house a timeless beauty. The main design focus was to establish contrast in color, which lends the house its quiet energy and understated elegance. The smooth plaster infused with a hint of vanilla tint emboldens the deep ebony trim.  The balance of light and dark is softened by the warm colored rock accents and by the chocolate colored railing aiming to embrace all the colors of the warm Mediterranean landscape.


Stefani Conniff in Lomita, CA on Houzz





The first story was transformed into one spacious great room with soaring ceilings and beautiful big beams. Rich and lustrous ebony waxed wood floors anchor the space lending a deep contrast to the light hued walls. The added touch of vanilla creates warmth and comfort. Splashes of aqua in the decor echo the colors of the ocean, providing a fun and of uplifting atmosphere.





The sliding glass wall in the back creates an effortless transition from the inside kitchen to the outdoor entertainment area. The finishes and colors of the outdoor kitchen complement and enhance the interior color scheme, thus creating a natural flow between the two spaces. A playful backyard invites cozy evenings by the fire pit, fun family parties by the pizza oven or just in general, it embraces the California outdoor living lifestyle to its fullest.





The interior decor continues to play with the colors of the beach, ocean and sand. In the downstairs master bedroom suite, the brilliant aqua fades into soothing blues, hints of green and warm neutral beige. This space provides a calm environment in contrast with the action above.  The glass wall in the master bedroom leads to a quiet sanctuary, a perfect little hide a way to meditate by the fountain or relax under the shade of the tree. The master bath features a space where the shower and tub are combined into one spa like experience. Warm hued shower walls accented with soft splashes of blue glass tiles and energized by a fun pebble floor encourage blissful relaxation and peaceful retreat from a busy lifestyle.  An artful and uplifting aqua green marble provides an element of surprise and adds elegance to the room.




Speaking of a surprise, the powder room designed by Cindy jolts the color scheme with a beautiful pop of fuchsia and dramatic art.


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