Color your day with a gentle shade of grey

Color your day with a gentle shade of grey

Mindful, elegant and incredibly soothing, the color grey creates a surrounding that exudes peace, tranquility and composure. Its quiet hues evoke a sense of stability, balance and a touch of solitude. A soft grey is a wonderful companion to many colors. Its neutrality, impartiality and sometimes detached effect can make your rose hues shine and your yellow colors pop; it can make your blues stronger and your whites crisp. A perfectly balanced grey encourages mindfulness and an unplugged state of mind. Certainly, a room with grey wall colors feels grounded, incredibly peaceful and calm. However, an abundance of grey decor can turn an environment dull, lonely and without passion or inspiration. So while using grey in your home, be sure to play and pep up the calm and reserved environment.


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A touch of velvety rose pillows combined with silver candlesticks will transform a room into timeless elegance and feminine beauty. Cement grey paired with steel, anodized black and warm wood tones will trend the room into the industrial sphere and grey paired with fun patterned soft blue tile will evoke the playful artist. Prosperity, mental clarity and intuitive tendencies are introduced through silver accents in the room. Surrounding colors will be reflected in the shiny silver objects, and they will take on the spirit of the room. Grey offers versatility, elegance and balance and is the perfect partner to so many colors and textures. The world is yours when you experiment with your palette of grey in every room in your house.






Your love of grey

If you love to surround yourself with a cloud of grey, you are expressing a need to create balance and you have a need to be respected for who you are.


archdez.comGrey in your business day

In business, grey can evoke a sense of neutrality, sophistication and serious professionalism. High tech company are leaning towards a grey decor, as they impress a sense of impartiality, and aloofness in their work. An all grey decor will turn your office into a serious, but maybe dull and a bit lonely place, so be sure to add a pop of color to lift up the mood. Blues, green or aqua will complement the grounding balance of grey, and rose, or pink colors will reflect the feminine. Orange and yellow touches will stimulate the mind and create a warm and welcoming touch to the grey.



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