Color your day with the contrast of black

Color your day with the contrast of black

Sophisticated, mysterious and oh so dramatic, the color black adds an energetic punch to all your decor. Its startling dominance evokes a sense of strength and authority. Just like going to a black tie party,  a space dressed in black decor exudes sophistication, classiness and a breath of sexy flair. Black swallows all the colors; it is the opposite to white and light. Negative energy also is absorbed into the darkness; so an inky lair can offer protection from emotional influences and it provides a shadowy cave to hide oneself from the outside world. Secretive, mystic and magical, black decor invites the obscure, the powerful and the search in the beyond. On a lighter note, black makes every color pop. It provides a strong contrasting partner to all the wild and noisy hues and it lends power to the softer, mellower tones. Adding black to your decor is daring. Your compelling message will not be overlooked.

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Black walls set off the sultry florals and a luscious wine colored chair . Black deepens all colors.

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Black chalkboard paint is the new trend. It opens up the room to the creative artist in everyone.

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Black and white patterns are the latest trend. Devout of color to move your eye around, a black and white interior relies on pattern, rhythm and balance to create interest and the emotional connection to the space.




Your love of black

If you surround yourself with black hues, you are expressing the need to hide your emotions. You like to appear sophisticated, powerful and classy.

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In your business life, black means  you are serious about your business. Adding inky, dark colors to your furniture or office desk exudes the impression of power, strength and authority. It also lends the space an air of sophistication and class. Many beautiful jewels are displayed on black velvet, or many expensive items arr packaged in dark boxes.




pinned from pinterestPairing black walls with white pieces if furniture and abstract art create an artistic environment where the balance, rhythm and pattern reign over color. Black is timeless and defies categorization. It blends just as well with modern decor, as it fits into an industrial setting, or an environment inspired by country living.

Either way, adding black decor into your office will make a bold statement. It says that you mean business.

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