Color your day with the warm comfort of hot chocolate

pinned from better homes and gardensComforting, warm and homey, the color brown invites you to hang out, relax and feel nurtured and at home. Its warm hues invoke a sense of casual coziness; a feeling of dependability and tried and true living. Brown welcomes you to its restful refuge, where life is simple, reliable and content. A room filled with chocolate hues wraps its arms around you and embraces you with its dependable warmth.  Brown décor creates a wonderful gathering place for loyal friends and family alike. Inspired by the feel of nature, a couch covered with brown leather, a reclaimed wood coffee table, or a chocolate painted wall bring in the simplicity and humble beauty of the outdoors. Brown, the color reminiscent of wood and trees, the color of leaves turning in the fall sways rustic surroundings towards casual comfort, a sense of belonging and the feeling of home and warmth safety.






pined from Home adoreJust like nature, furnishing and decor are seemingly arranged in a spontaneous tumble to create a sense of ease. A worn leather couch invites to snuggle up with a good book, or encourages light and familiar conversation among friends. Industrial elements are the perfect compliment for a deep brown wood floor or  brick wall. The interior assumes the feel of a well lived in urban hide away that has a bit of rustic charm paired with the edge of industrial chic. Either way, it beckons for a mellow leisure – huddle kind of care free day.



pinned from apartment therapy Introducing the earthy brown color in the bedroom creates a feeling of refuge, stability and embrace. The mind can rest in this nurturing environment, allowing the body to cuddle within the grounded presence of mother earth.  Crisp neutrals set of the rather mousy look of an all brown room, and neutral patterns and textures liven up the space.




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A lighter tan palette with hints of chocolate create a brighter but a bit more impersonal space. The cocoon feel of the deep brown gives away to an upbeat and harmonious environment. Neutral tans or beige are not boring, but visually restful and emotional detached. The eye is able to peacefully wonder around the room without distraction or emotional jolts. A crisp beige palette appeals to the logical mind, so adding a bit of the comfort brown will warm up the space and cozy the mood.


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The color brown is associated with the earth, the life giving essence that nurtures and nourishes all life. Naturally, inviting the outside in and transcending the inside to the outside create a feeling of being one with the cycle of life. An outdoor shower, or an all glass encased shower facing the outdoors evoke a feeling of being one with nature. Timeless, secure and inviting, a bath room filled with rustic wood elements and brown hues weaves a healing energy around your morning.


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