Say it with Colors

Say it with Colors

Summer is here and this is the time to play with some color. Be inspired by the bright blue sky and the vibrant flowers to add a splash of color into your home. It does not take much to transform a space. Add a fun colored pillow, use a bright hued blanket or find a whimsical hand painted piece of pottery and you are on your way to bring the vibrancy of color into your home.

Using many bright, primary and secondary colors in your design brings a sense of happiness and joy to your house. Break out the margarita mix because the colors swirl with joy and delight. Yellow, violet, orange and green, red and blue all dance with each other in a bright sparkle of color bliss. Create a fun fiesta pillow or a throw with this perfect color combo and bring life to every corner of the house. If you dare, you can paint and decorate your entire room in this explosion of color, but if you just need a little piece of happiness, just add a touch of color here and there for the joy of it. Bright flowers, hand painted pottery and artisan woven blankets complete the feel of a happy corner in the home.

However, if you feel the need for serenity in your bedroom, use the color white. Nothing whispers more of a romantic, beautiful setting then pillows and sheets etched with crochet lace. Once you pair your white linens with sweet Laura Ashley flowered bedspreads or sheets, you have the perfect back drop to create a sweet, charming and poetic environment to read novels, to have your tea and work on your crochet pieces. Whimsical patterned fabrics and thoughtfully placed flower design on the china cups reminiscent of old times, where taking time for tea presented a moment to socialize and create.

Summer is here and it is time to play with colors.





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