Sultry Colors for a Stunning Thanksgiving Table

Sultry Colors for a Stunning Thanksgiving Table

Fall has arrived and nature has turned its colors into a riot of dark red, vibrant orange, deep purple set off against moody greens. The Thanksgiving feast comes flying around the corner and along with the delicious foods to cook, a yummy table is waiting to be set. Nature’s abundance allows you to delve into a riot of sultry colors straight from your backyard and nature walks. There is no need to spend money on expensive flowers, just open your eyes and harvest nature’s bounty.


Here are a few tips for a successful table setting:


Tip 1: Harvest from mother nature

There is such beauty all around you, just open your eyes and see what you can find



Tip 2: Assemble with Abundance

Don’t be afraid to mix and match all these wonderful colors. Allow branches to spill out and over your arrangement.


Tip 3: Be creative in the use of your vases

Use anything you can find to display your flowers, branches and twigs. Vases, bowls, crystal glasses all provide great vessels for your beauties. Don’t stop with one arrangement, create many bouquets in different sizes and arrange them around the room.



Tip 4: Use glitter and sparkle

Enhance the pretty colors with fun glitter marbles and sparkling crystal. I found the chandelier at a flea market and I just added a candle inside.


Tip 5: Arranging the Bounty on the table

The more the merrier is my motto when setting the table. Use everything you have in creating a wonderful mood. Allow your lavish flowers to decorate your table. Add candles (plenty of candles) pretty dishes, sparkle and glitter.


Tip 6: Create a Glow with Candle light

The warm glow of the candles compliment the fall hues of your decor. Enjoy a warm, festive and sultry table.




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