Create your own Summer harvest

Create your own Summer harvest

Today’s architecture, design and landscape is changing towards the simpler, less wasteful lifestyle. Homes are designed to  consume less energy and use more resources that are available for recycling and salvaging. The emphasis of the building industry has been to reduce the waste of water inside the home, but now the focus has shifted to the yard. One of our primary needed resource, our water, has been squandered on green lawns and  thirsty flowers. However, on my walks, I have been seeing a change. In the midst of a shiny, green lawn, people have been building raised planter beds that are filled with tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini to harvest. The trend towards a healthy, down to earth lifestyle is being fueled by rising costs and scientifically contaminated food. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try out my green vegetable thumb and see where it takes me in my quest to live of my land. This endeavor has been met with enthusiasm, loss of patience and plants and the absolutely wondrous excitement of harvesting ones own vegetables and fruit.

Here are some tips for you to start your summer harvest.









I grew everything from seed. I found that the little organic seed containers paired with light soil and a little bit of compost worked like magic. Little seedlings quickly emerged and I planted them here and there in my yard. One of the more successful ventures was my potted salad garden. I planted a mix of salad seeds, parsley, chives and onion in a tiered pot and after three weeks, I am able to harvest a little salad for lunch every day. They leaves just keep on growing.









I used my compost to mix into all the pots and plants. As a result, I have had some renegade tomatoes , bell peppers and zucchini spring up in the yard as a fun and healthy by product of my flower garden. The vibrant colors of the fruits and the lush greens of the leaves add texture and fun to any landscape design. And there is an extra perk included, you can harvest scrumptious summer fruit at the end of the season.








Nature has its way to gift us with its bounty. My peppermint is freely expanding in the yard. I love having a fresh cup of tea every day. The more I clip it, the more it grows. The same goes for my strawberry plant. I initially bought two shoots, so I can see if they develop in a potted situation. They have been creating runners upon runners and I now have my own strawberry lane. I can’t wait until next year to harvest my bounty. And in-between, I allowed the radish to bloom. I now have hundreds of little pods of fresh seeds to stick back into the ground.


   Around and around the circle goes with every plant thriving, blooming, producing food and decomposing back into the earth.





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