Decorate one holiday at a time

Decorate one holiday at a time


In our fast paced lives, the holidays tumble upon us, one on top of the other. We now see Halloween decorations in the summer, followed by a smattering of Thanksgiving goodies in October that promptly will be replaced by the sparkle of Christmas reds and greens, way before the holiday has even begun. If you are not quick to grab your table decor for the Thanksgiving feast right around Halloween time, then, come November, all you have to choose from are red and gold ornaments. Thankfully, nature knows better and provides us with the bounty that we need in order to bring in the warm and vibrant colors of the glorious fall season.

Nature’s Bounty













Pick all the flowers and greens for the table on you nature walk. Open your eyes and look for the ornamental leaf structures and interesting twigs. One of my friends jokingly remarked that I am going out to prune the neighborhood.

Saturated Complimentary Colors








For the center piece, use the drama of the complementary colors of purple and orange.






This combo creates a vibrant dynamic against the surrounding peaceful green.

The Daring Details








Use plenty of crystal and colored pebbles to create the festive sparkle and the little splash of surprise color for the table.

Art Arrays








Experiment with incorporating pieces of art that complement your setting. It creates interest through a layering of elements and the play of colors.

Festive Sparkle














This years’ round table sparkles with festivity and jumps with the joy of colors. A perfect setting for a happy feast.

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