Staging 101 – Present your home in its best light

Staging 101 – Present your home in its best light

Whether you are planning to sell your house, or whether you are getting ready for a big party, staging tips can help you show your home in its best light and wow everybody that comes through your door. However, before they get to the door, your first deal of business is to create a nice, warm and welcoming curb appeal.

Here are 5 quick tips that you can implement on your weekend.

Tip #1: – Landscaping

Keep your landscaping simple, neatly trimmed and well maintained. Be sure to trim wild growing bushes and water your brown lawn. Better yet, transform your grass into a drought resistant landscape by using native moss or grasses. Use potted plants for accent color and plant beautiful fruit trees for a double gain: shade and harvest.

Tip #2- Immaculate driveway

Keep your driveway free and clear of debris, stains and cracks. A neglected driveway is a precursor to a not well taken care of house.

Tip # 3- Clean windows

Keep your windows clean. Shining and sparkling windows add a measure of neatness to your house. It is a small task and it yields great rewards in how your house is perceived from the street.

Tip # 4 – Safe mailbox and clear house numbers

A nice and big mailbox evokes the feeling of security and safety. There is something very grounding in the knowledge that your mail can be delivered securely. In addition, clearly visible house numbers aid the visitor in finding your place easily and they do not have to arrive stressed out because they had to scan the street for your home.

Tip #5 – A welcoming front door

Keep your front door in an immaculate condition. It represents the entry to your home and a bright, cheery well maintained front door offers a welcoming invitation to step inside.

So what measure can you take today? I welcome any thoughts, suggestions or creative tips, so drop me a note at Thank you and happy staging!


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