The long road to a warm and welcoming Nantucket style family home begins

Project address: Torrance

Project architectural design: Stefani Conniff Design – 310-415-3121

Project contractor: Eric Garnica Construction – 310-365-6359


the design

the design


This home, located in the South bay has been a long time in the making. The home owners and I  went through several design phases to arrive at the point where all components fell into place. This home is designed to house a family of five with ample rooms and space for the kids and animals to tumble about. The stunning great room will soon become the hub of all activities and we are patiently waiting for the house to take shape.



Foundation Work

But, first things first, we are taking our time to lay out the foundation of the house as meticulous as possible, because we all know that the foundation is the key to a successful structure. Any discrepancies that occur at this stage of the building will haunt us until the end. So with patience, a lot of team discussions and careful planning, we are off to build the house. I purposely use the word “we” as one of the most successful strategies of building a new home is the team work and exchange of expert opinions of everybody involved. So during our weekly job site meetings, “we” – that is the contractor, the owners, often the sub-contractor and the architect (me) engage in an open discussion and evaluation of the progress and the building stages ahead. This process ensures that we view design and building strategies from every angle and solutions can be found not only in a practical way, but also the most feasible, as well as the most aesthetically pleasing way as well.