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POA 2008 - 10-18-08 Sunday 172Support Art in the Community

*Served on the Public art task force
*Recipient of “in the spirit of Service” award


Public art can create a sense of identity for a City. It becomes an integral part of living in the neighborhood instilling pride and a sense of belonging to all who live among the artistic creations. Public art can make an empty space seem like a significant place. It can inspire, ignite discussions and emotions, create memories or just become a place to be.


stefTeaching Art


*Chair for Reaching out program


Art is important to a child’s life! We know that art education contributes significantly to improved critical thinking,problem posing and solving, and decision making. The arts develop a child’s imagination and judgement. Budget cuts and poor decision making have taken art out of our school system, so Hands on Art is an all Volunteer organization that teaches art in all Redondo Schools.


Power of Art

* Design a space for an art show

Creating art venues for the community where people can enjoy art, music and dance. Art adds a sparkle to everybodys life. Art lives in everybodys soul and we are there to shine a light on it!
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Reaching Out

9 years ago I created the Reaching out program that brings art, fun and creativity to Innercity elementary students. Along with 30 volunteers, we service 1500 students in Compton and Lennox. Hands on Art has become the joy during their academic school life, a place where they can explore their minds freely and let their creativity speak to us.