The Design Process

Stefani Conniff Design is a full service architectural and interior design firm specializing in remodeling and building residential homes. Each project follows a distinct pattern of design steps in which every phase builds upon the next. Here is a specific outline of what a client can expect when going through the process of remodeling a home or space. Stefani is an experienced and talented designer and she will assist you through all the phases of the design process.

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The Idea

This is the phase where we commence. Here, we are at the starting point of our journey. After our initial meeting and the agreed upon contract, we evaluate the project for its feasibility and code compliance. It is important to establish the design perimeters, so that the team can incorporate the needs and wishes of the clients into practical design solutions and strategies.



The Concept

This is the phase were we dream. Here, we are gathering visual materials, images and color concepts to establish the style and mood of the house. This is an important phase were the clients are able to communicate all their wishes, thoughts, likes and dreams of how they would love their house to be. The designer listens carefully and produces the first concept sketches and ideas.



The Evolution

This is the phase where we stay realistic. Here we are evaluating the gathered imagery and we create the whole. The designer now ensures that the main concept ideas is realized in all the spaces in the house so the inside and outside will work together in harmony and unity.




The Detail

This is the phase where we focus. Here we are assessing our design concept and we are focusing on every detail to establish a coherency throughout the house. Special attention is given to the mill work, cabinetry, fixtures and hardware to complete the look. This information is documented in a specification book that is then furnished to the contractor for reference. This is a critical step in the design process to assure that all trades comprehend and adhere to the design in detail.



The Document

This is the phase where we draw. Here the designer produces a set of construction drawings where she incorporates every detail and specification that has been discussed in the meeting. This set becomes the foundation for the permitting and building process of the project.




The Project

This is the phase where we built. Here the team of designer, homeowner and contractor meet, communicate and problem solve through all the stages of construction. As the the concept gives way to reality, the designer and client will re evaluate key specifications before the designer purchases all chosen fixtures and decorative items for the contractor to install.



The Completion

This is the phase where we celebrate.